TESOL Endorsement

TESOL Endorsement

Program Description

UThink is offered in partnership with Heidelberg University for affordable and flexible graduate coursework leading to a TESOL Endorsement.

Classes are offered in the Fall, Spring and Summer.

Ohio TESOL Reading Endorsement UThink

I recently earned my TESOL endorsement through Heidelberg University and their UThink online program. I highly recommend UThink to my colleagues wanting to earn their TESOL endorsement. Navigating UThink was very easy. Through UThink, I was able to work at a pace that was convenient for my teaching/family schedule. UThink allowed me to work interactively with other educators, making connections and discussing the new learning activities I was implementing with my students. I am proud to say that I have earned my TESOL endorsement through Heidelberg University and their UThink online program.

-Toby C

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UThink TESOL Reading Endorsement

Program Requirements

Obtain your TESOL Endorsement from Heidelberg University by completing four classes and passing the OAE English to Speakers of Other Languages (1021) test. The passing score is 220. The courses prepare educators to teach TESOL to pre-kindergarten through grade 12 students. Coursework also prepares educators to meet state and professional standards.

TESOL Courses and Sequence

Four online courses are required for the TESOL Endorsement:

If you wish to complete coursework in two semesters, register for EDTE 551 in Term 1 and EDTE 553 in Term 2 in the first semester. In the second semester, register for EDTE 552 in Term 1 and EDTE 554 in Term

TESOL Endoresement UThink

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For futher information, please contact:

Barbara Breen
Assistant Director of Admission

Dr. Eileen Carr
Director of UThink

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