EDRE556 – Reading Intervention

Course Description

There are three online seminars that you will complete for this course. The first seminar provides you with a brief description of the literacy skills that students need to learn and practice at various stages. It also introduces a word recognition model that you will use to work with struggling readers. The second seminar prepares you for teaching word recognition and comprehension skills to students Grades 1-12. The final seminar engages you in effective reading intervention for a student you choose to tutor. Coursework prepares educators to implement the Common Core State Standards and meet state and professional standards.

Course Requirements

  • Online assignments
  • Administer diagnostic tests and tutor a student (grades 1-12) with reading difficulties

Course Materials/ Textbooks

  • Seminar materials
  • Qualitative Reading Inventory – 6 (2016) Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon
  • Text from EDRE555 – Diagnosis of Reading Abilities

Course Prerequisites

  • Prerequisites EDRE 552 and EDRE 555
  • Pre or co-requisite EDRE 553
  • Fourth course in the Reading Endorsement