EDRE 555 – Diagnosis of Reading Abilities

Course Description

There are three online seminars that you will complete for this course. The first seminar provides foundational information necessary to diagnose students’ reading abilities. The second seminar prepares educators to administer diagnostic tests. The final seminar requires application of information learned during the previous seminars as school age students are diagnosed and case studies are prepared. It also introduces you to effective instruction for helping diverse and struggling learners. Coursework prepares educators to implement the Common Core State Standards and meet state and professional standards.

Course Requirements

  • Online assignments
  • Administer diagnostic tests to a student (grades 1-12) with reading difficulties.

Course Materials/ Textbooks

  • Seminar materials
  • Qualitative Reading Inventory – 6 (2016). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon

Course Prerequisites

  • Pre or co-requisite EDRE 552
  • Second course in Reading Endorsement