EDRE 553 – Content Area Reading

Course Description

There are three online seminars that you will complete for this course. The first seminar provides the framework for using the four strategy components of a content lesson as well as the cognitive processes essential for effective learning and the four language processes. The second seminar prepares you to develop and complete strategy lessons to help you teach expository information. In the third seminar you will develop and complete strategy lessons for teaching narrative information. Coursework prepares educators to implement the Common Core State Standards and meet state and professional standards.

Course Requirements

Online assignments

Course Materials/ Textbooks

  • Teaching Comprehension: A Systematic and Practical Framework with lessons and strategies (2004). Carr, E., Aldinger, L. and Patberg, J. N.Y.Scholastic

Course Prerequisites

  • Pre or co-requisite for EDRE 552
  • Third course in Reading Endorsement