Instructional Methods in Pre K-12 TESOL – Listening, Viewing & Oral Communication



In order to meet the instructional needs of the diverse population of ELL students in the United States, teachers must acquire an understanding of linguistic principles and be able to apply them to instruction. They must understand how the process of language learning works to ensure that ELL students have every opportunity to succeed in the classroom. The purpose of this seminar is to prepare teachers to provide effective, research-based instruction for ELL students. The seminar emphasis is on understanding English language structure and how it applies to the process of language learning. Coursework prepares educators to implement the Common Core State Standards and meet state and professional standards.

Please check with your school district to ensure acceptance of this professional development seminar. After participating in the seminar and completing all the assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion for 20 Contact Hours that you can present to your school district. Should you decide to pursue an endorsement in TESOL with our university partner(s) in the future, your seminar work and payment can be applied toward your tuition and coursework in the graduate class.

Seminar Requirements

• Online assignments

Seminar Materials/ Textbooks

• No required text

Seminar Prerequisites

• No prerequisite

Professional Development Hours: